Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Below are two responses to recent letters I received:

Hello Xxxxx,

You can find the transfiguration scene at Matthew 17:1-13. There Jesus took his disciples privately to "the top of a lofty mountain" [meaning, Mount Zion (2Pet.1:18; Zech.8:3; Ob.1:17; Heb.12:22)]. He was changed into his appearance in Kingdom power (Mark9:2,3,4,5,6,7; Rev.14:1). With him were "Moses and Elijah". These two are symbols for the anointed who lead and prophesy to God's people (Heb.13:7; Eph.2:20-22; 4:11-12; 1Cor.12:28,4; 3:10; Gal.1:8) when Christ arrives in his capacity of heir of God's eternal kingdom (after the purpose of Christ's "Thousand Year Kingdom", is fulfilled) (Ps.110:1-2; 1Cor.15:24-25; Dan.4:17; 7:18; Rom.8:17; Gal.3:29; Rom.4:13; Luke19:17; 2Tim.2:12)... His "two witnesses", also glorified in Kingdom power (Matt.17:3; Rev.11:3,4; Zech.4:11-14,9-10,6; Dan.2:34; Zech.12:3; Isa.60:12; Dan.2:44-45; Ps.2:9; Rev.2:26-27; 12:5; Hosea6:5; Zeph.3:14-15; Zech.2:7-10,12-13,11; Rev.21:3; 22:3-7). 
Jesus explains the meaning of the vision seen at Matt.17:1-3, in the preceding verse (Matt.16:28).

At Matt.11:13-15,9-10 you will see that Jesus says that John the Baptist fulfilled one of the Elijah roles, when he heralded the need for God's people to repent in preparation for the arrival of the Messiah (Matt.3:1-2; Luke1:76; 7:28; Gal.4:24) (John7:38-39; Prov.1:23).

[Regarding Luke7:28 -- These born of spirit, king/priest representatives of New Jerusalem (Rev.3:12; 20:6) will not only do works superior to John the Baptist, they will even do works greater than Jesus Christ did! (John14:12; 7:39)]
  We see that in the time of the end those belonging to these two witnesses who are present on earth, will also herald God's messages and the need for repentance (Rev. 11:2-4). 
Just as John the Baptist was killed for his faithfulness, so these two witnesses will also be (Rev. 11:7; 12:11; 2:10). They also are heralding the need for God's people to repent before the final arrival of the Messiah. They themselves have had to repent (Rev.11:3-note:"dressed in sackcloth", a symbol of repentance and grief. Amos 8:11; Joel 1:13,8-9; 2:14; Isa.65:8; 1:9; John15:4-5; Rev.11:3) 
What are God's people doing wrong, to cause God to destroy His own "vine"? (Isa.28:21-22; Hab.1:5; Eze.7:5-14; Isa.5:13-14; Eze.6:11-12; 14:21; Rev.6:6,8; 14:18-20,8; Deut.32:32-33; Rev.13:11; 18:3; 13:17) (666)

They are committing idolatry! (Rev.2:20; 17:2; 13:8,7)
They have begun to worship the "faithful and discreet slave" and "God's spirit-directed organization" instead of Yhwh! They follow these men... letting them tell them what to believe and what to do (LINK LINK2 LINK3), as if salvation rests with them (Isa.43:11). These men have also defied the law of the Christ, which is love. They have "killed" Christ's brothers by expelling them from God's house (John 16:1-4; Rev.11:7-9; Matt.10:22). This activity will intensify.

This persecution increases against all those who disagree... not with the scriptures, but with them. This judgment and condemnatory action belongs only to Christ at his return (Rom.14:4; Matt.25:19). He is the one to judge who is faithful and who is wicked. He is the one to meet out the consequences upon his return. These unfaithful, powerful ones take it upon themselves to "beat their fellow slaves" (Matt.24:49).

In obeying and carrying out the wicked commands of these imperfect, power-drunk men, [instead of treating the least of Christ's brothers with compassion and love (Matt.25:40)], those who idolize this wicked slave are giving their devotion, worship, and obedience to the wicked slave and it's Gentile representatives (2Cor.11:3-4,20; Gal.1:10; Dan.8:12; 2Thess.2:4; Luke21:34,24; Rev.11:2; 13:10); worship that should only belong to Yhwh. They allow themselves to be used by this wicked steward who is over the household of God; carrying out this persecution on Christ's faithful brothers. (Rev.9:5; Job2:6; 2Pet.2:8). The wicked steward has placed his trust...not in the Master, but in the powerful "arms", of the "Nations"/"Gentiles"/Non-anointed elder army (Dan.11:31; Rev.13:11,15; 19:20) (Eze.44:6-9; Matt.24:15-16).

If we want to be clean before God, what should we do?

We know that when Jesus arrives HE will punish any found to be this wicked slave (Matt. 24:48,49,50,51).

We must also resist the pressure to give our worship to men. We must resist the commands of these ones to persecute those who refuse to bow down to them (Dan.3:6; Rev.9:2; Eze.22:22; Isa.48:10; Mal.4:1; 3:1-3; Matt.13:49-50; Zech.13:9; Rev.3:17-18,3). We must keep our thinking clean, deriving our faith and knowledge from the scriptures, rather than from doctrines of men (Matt.15:9). And certainly, we must uphold the law of the Christ, treating all with love especially those who are striving to remain faithful to God. Elders should never be disfellowshipping an anointed priest Chosen of God, when they are not violating any scriptures (1Cor. 5:11-13; ), but are merely maintaining exclusive devotion for Yhwh and their Head, Christ (Ex.20:3,5; Na.1:2; Eph.5:23; 1Cor.12:27-28,18).

Only Jehovah's word should direct our thinking and actions; not the "commands of men" (Matt.15:9; Rev.13:16--Our thinking is represented by our "head"; and our actions/power, are represented by our "hand".). This especially must be so, when the commands of men contradict the Word of God.

We are again, at the conclusion/fulfillment of God's Covenant with men. Just as in the time of John the Baptist, the leaders of God's nation are corrupt. God sends His herald once again, to call any who may hear, to repentance (Isa.58:1; Rev.8:2,6; Josh.6:13). Once again, only a remnant will be saved out of that crooked and twisted generation (Matt.23:33,36; Mark8:38; Matt.25:31,41) (Rom.9:27; Rev.12:17; 16:9,11; 9:20-21; 2:21).


First, please take a closer look at Isaiah 2:2,3,4. Is it the "mountain" or the "house" that is established? I hope you will think about what your answer to this question means.

After you do, consider this. Those verses go on to say that the mountain that we are talking about is Mount Zion. That is not a religious organization on earth. It is Heavenly Mt. Zion, at Revelation 14:1, it says:

"And I saw, and, look! the Lamb standing upon the Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand having his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads."

The reason why Mount Zion becomes established "in the last days" is because that is the time when the final members of it are sealed. As far as the house goes, Jehovah abandoned it before, "Look! YOUR house is abandoned to YOU." Matthew 23:38.

Why did Jesus say this to the leaders of Jehovah's house in his day? Matthew 23 verse 37 reads: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her, --“ . They were also about to kill Jesus himself.

The same will happen in God's house today. The proud religious leaders of God's people will once again act this way, by "killing" the "two witnesses".

"And when they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them." (Revelation 11:7)

This is a deep subject and requires that you learn about many prophecies concerning God's people in the time of the end. Those who wish to reign with Christ must endure the same torture stake, cup, and course that Jesus himself suffered. (Luke 9:23; Matt.20:22-23; 1Peter 2:21)

They will be able to suffer these same things because according to prophecy they will face the same situation in God's "house" that Jesus faced - hypocritical men at the helm of God's people who attack those who threaten their teachings and power (Rev.11:8; 17:18). In the time of the end, this corrupt leadership will reign (see pearl-disgustingthing.blogspot.com ), "over the" anointed "kings of the earth", who "have not yet received a kingdom" (Rev.17:12).
As a result, many will be lead into apostasy and idolatry. This is why Jesus said that "Elijah" will again arise in the last days, to prepare the way before the arrival of Jehovah's fear-inspiring day. This one will declare truth, making the way straight despite the climate of powerful falsehood...just as John the Baptist did.

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A COMMENT WAS LEFT concerning what Jesus said in Matthew 11:11 :

11 Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not arisen a greater than John the Baptist. Yet he that is but little in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he"
If I BELIEVE Jesus words more than yours (that John the Baptist is of the anointed), am I wrong ?
Thank you for considering my thoughts.


Please consider more of Jesus words, as well as taking a closer look at the verse you reference....

"Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not arisen a greater than John the Baptist:

yet he that is but little IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is greater than he."

Your interpretation exposes that you do not realize that we are not yet in the kingdom of heaven,

and that when we are, those representatives of it (when returned to the earth) will indeed be greater prophets than even John the Baptist was as a mere man.
Do you realize that just as the "Word" became flesh AND DWELT AMONG US (John1:14; Phil.2:7; Rev.22:3) (the meaning of Emmanuel Matt.1:23); so too will New Jerusalem "come down OUT OF HEAVEN" and DWELL AMONG MANKIND (Rev.21:3)?
Then too, "God is with us" will exist through them...the "tent"/"tabernacle/Temple of God (Eph.2:21,22; 1Cor.3:16; 1Pet.2:5,9) that "comes down out of heaven" to be present with mankind.
(Heb.1:6; Acts3:21; 1:11; John1:51; Heb.9:28).

These born of spirit, king/priest representatives of New Jerusalem (Rev.3:12; 20:6) will not only do works superior to John the Baptist, they will even do works greater than Jesus Christ did!!! (John14:12,2,3)

According to your reasoning, does that mean that Jesus is not an anointed Kingdom Heir either?

The scale of healing which the kingdom will bring,

has never been seen on earth before, through either John the Baptist or even through the human Jesus.
Christ has now ascended to the Father, and has received all authority in heaven and on earth,
to completely neutralize all the works of the devil. Those victorious with him, will share in the "joy of their master", restoring all creation to a fullness of life.

Remember, those "in the kingdom of heaven" are no longer simply "born of woman" (Job14:1,2; 1Cor.15:42) as John used to be (Matt.11:11).

These in the kingdom to come, are born again, as spirit (1Cor.15:50; John3:3; 1Pet.3:18; Rom.6:5) as John the Baptist himself also will be. At that time, he too (as a new creation) will also do works greater than Jesus did, which will certainly exceed what he did as a man of only flesh "born of woman" (Mark1:7).

  Please reason on this point...

If John the Baptist, who suffered deprivation, was filled with God's spirit, and was beheaded for his faith (Luke7:24,25,26,27,28; Matt.14:11), is greater than any anointed one before they are resurrected; why do many of those chosen invited prove to become despicably unfaithful?

 (Matt.24:48,49,50,51; Heb.10:26,27; Matt.22:8; 25:30)

Jesus referred to John as "a reed swayed by the wind".

This "wind" is God's spirit (Ec.11:5; Eze.37:9; Acts2:2,4). Those who allow it to move them....
those "swayed" by it are referred to, at John3:8, where Jesus said:
"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

Those born of this wind are directed by it and relay it's sound, though others do not understand how these are directed. John fully fulfilled Christ's description of him, as a reed swayed (and born) by God's spirit. He referred to him as Elijah the Prophet (Matt.17:12,13; Isa.40:3; Matt.3:3) which figure stands (along with Moses) as a symbol of the greatest anointed prophets in the kingdom (Matt.17:2,3). This symbol is also for one of the last two prophets (Matt.17:10,11; (Acts3:21; Rom.8:21; 1Cor.13:10; Matt.25:6; Rev.16:12) Rev.11:3,4; Zech.4:3,4,9,11,12,14), as referring to the purpose, responsibility, and role of these last two; along with the meaning of what it means to be "Moses".

All those of "Elijah" prepare the way just before God's arrival, ...to call God's people to repentance and preparedness.

All those of "Moses" give a witness to the Gentile powers which hold God's people captive. They lead God's people to freedom, and relay God's laws and requirements, previous to their entry into the longed for Home of Paradise.
These two last prophets to God's people (according to God's promise and prophecy) are neededand present at the end of our age, just as the scroll of Revelation establishes.

If you want to know more about how and why these kings and priests are greater than John the Baptist was, while he was still merely "born of woman",

(and why John himself will be greater, once he too is glorified "in the kingdom of heaven" -Rom.8:18,19; Phil.3:21; 1Cor.15:43),
you can consider these links:




    Rev.21:2,3,4,5; 2Pet.3:13